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Our Concept
Aesthetic Mobile Laser Services was founded in 1999 on the basic premise that medical and health care professionals want to offer their patients the latest in advanced laser technology, but without the long term financial commitment, maintenance problems, and obsolescence concerns associated with equipment ownership.

Aesthetic Lasers, Only When You Need Them!

Many times, physicians and aesthetic professionals believe that a laser practice must have lasers available 7 days a week to be successful and most importantly - profitable. Many of the laser manufacturers believe this as well!

But for many physicians and practitioners, a well known management concept called "Just In Time" or JIT control is actually more profitable and more practical.

  • Use the laser only when it produces a profit
  • Avoid maintenance and obsolescence costs

Affordable Cosmetic Laser Rentals

Cosmetic physicians and practitioners rush to purchase the "latest and greatest" equipment only to find that the market was not as large as they thought for that procedure or that most often the technology "sold" to them does not live up to hype presented by the salesperson.

With Aesthetic Mobile Laser, you can avoid all that risk. You buy what you want - when the time is right. You use the technology in your office and determine if it's the right technology for you and your patients - at a fraction of the cost to own it and at the same time achieve outstanding returns on your time investment with our service!

Laser Training
Aesthetic Mobile Laser offers comprehensive laser training and support and can customize an in-service for those medical and health care professionals seeking to offer aesthetic procedures in South Florida.
Why Choose AMLS?
  1. The staff at Aesthetic Mobile Laser has been providing the latest in aesthetic laser technology to physicians and medical providers in Florida since 1999. Our business model is simple - provide the largest inventory of aesthetic lasers and devices to you - at an affordable price.
  2. Aesthetic Mobile Laser relieves you of the long term financial commitment of equipment ownership and the hidden costs associated with owning medical equipment like consumables, upgrades, and maintenance.
  3. Equipment obsolescence and depreciation is no longer a factor in the decision process. Aesthetic Mobile Laser maintains all of its laser and medical device equipment through company service plans.
  4. Aesthetic Mobile Laser's in office program allows you to evaluate and determine what laser aesthetic procedures are in demand and financially profitable for your practice.
  5. "Just in Time" management results in an increased ROI on your laser practice while maintaining maximum business flexibility.
  6. There are no long term contracts or commitments with Aesthetic Mobile Laser - just a month to month agreement.
  7. Aesthetic Mobile Laser and it's sister company Aesthetic Laser Partners serve all of South and Central Florida and are ready to deliver superior aesthetic laser equipment and service to your office on an as needed basis. In office Laser services to medical and health care professionals can be scheduled:

    • Half-Day Service
    • Full Day Service
    • Hourly Service
    • Two and Three Day Drop Off Service Now Available

Clinical training and customized in-services will be offered to the laser practitioner as well as treatment brochures, price guidelines, consent forms, procedural videos and treatment protocols upon request.

The AMLS Advantage
The Aesthetic Mobile Laser Services Advantage
  • The largest inventory of today's most advanced laser technology available when you need it - whether it's for one hour or for one day.
  • Comprehensive technical support through our trained staff who stay on site during use to assist the laser practitioner on laser operation and laser safety.
  • Scheduling that assures your laser are committed to you that is both affordable and flexible.
  • Company employed laser technicians that maintain and deliver the lasers on-time to you office.
  • Marketing support material that include consent forms, pre and post operative protocols, price guidelines, before and after photos, in office dvds and more.

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